Brilliant! Are you a hypnotist? A revelation! It works! It has altered the whole way I work. Bottle it and sell more.
— Fiona Vigar, FIV Architecture
Terry does exactly what it says on the tin – makes selling simple. 
He breaks down all the barriers, clears away the fog, and gives the profession of selling some much needed honesty and integrity. 
No matter how experienced you are in sales, time spent with Terry is invaluable.
— Jeremy Squibb, Serenity Financial Planning
Terry offers an approach to sales which I can only describe as ‘Not selling’. He helps people responsible for selling products or services to not be an obstruction to the customer/client’s decision making. a very refreshing approach to a very old profession.
— Robin Narayan, Bates Millfield Financial Planning
Terry has a clear message and a straightforward method of conveying it. The skills he brings to sales training are essential for any business to learn. If you want to create the freedom to sell – you should contact him.
— Matthew Clarke, 
Kernow Pods
Terry has helped me to see beyond the cliches of sales and focus on what is important to aid my business. Straight-forward coaching, advice and encouragement with no ‘one size fits all’ attitude.
— Adrian Taylor, Aawen Design
Terry takes a refreshing approach to helping people develop their ability to sell in a natural way. I’ve employed him to speak to my Mastermind Group members and have also seen the beneficial effect he has had when coaching local business people. If you want to gain more sales with less pressure and without having to remember lots of techniques, Terry’s your man.
— Mervyn Smallwood, Mastermind Coach