NOVEMBER WEBINAR - watch the recording

Martin Miller, the Reluctant Salesman South West, talks about the impact of the approach on his clients and the important of completion in particular.

Terry covered the last taboo - money! How much should we charge? Is my price too high? What do customers want to pay? Anyone who runs a business or is in a sales role will have these questions. Terry shows how price is, in reality, irrelevant! Watch the recording.

July's webinar: Finance expert Jeremy Squibb tackles the Time and Money Paradigm, discussing how best to balance your resources to meet your needs and aims.

Watch the recording and then download these free resources:

  • Time Planner - you can print this off and fill it in each day (watch the webinar to see how)
  • Budget Planner - save to your hard drive and use it to make simple calculations as to where your money is going
  • Serenity's Three Questions - to get you thinking about what's important
  • Accounting System - a diagram explaining Serenity's household accounting system

You will get the best value from these resources if you watch the webinar recording. Plus members can use our Ask the Experts facility to contact Jeremy for one-to-one advice in strict confidence.