Each of the Four Keys must be learned and understood before you can move onto process. You can do these modules in any order but it will help you to keep track if you start with integrity and do each one in turn.

At the end of each module we will show you how you can 'turn the key'. This means putting your learning into practical applications.

Please note: these modules are locked so that subscribers can only begin this course once the First Principles assessment is completed and passed.


Integrity does not merely mean doing the right thing; it is about being whole and complete.

A bridge that has all of its supporting cables in place has structural integrity, remove one cable and integrity is lost, remove too many and the structure collapses.


Responsibility is not burden or blame, it is the means by which we give ourselves power in our lives.

Responsibility creates ownership: in order to own any aspect of your life you have to take responsibility for it.


We are all committed to success in our business and by extension to being powerful in selling situations. The problem arises when our commitment becomes an attachment. This usually occurs when we focus on an outcome.

The secret to remaining unattached is to focus on the Process.


The job of the reluctant salesperson is to complete each interaction and to create a distinction that not only makes them memorable but makes further searching pointless.

This is achieved when we reach the Third Step: Trust.