Watch Terry's introduction to this topic.



Let's do a short exercise to work out just how many clients you really need.


The percentage of available clients that you actually need is low, probably single figure low, so why isn’t it happening? The answer is simple and can be found in the wise words of Woody Allen:

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

If you are not ‘showing up’ they won’t show up either, they have no idea who or where you are because you haven’t shown up yet. Check out this slide pack to understand what we mean by showing up in the context of Reluctant Selling.

Take home points:

  • Most people dwell on scarcity while operating in a world of abundance.

  • For a pro-active business there are always too many people to talk to.

  • There are five ways to find new clients, with the most expensive generally being the least effective.

  • There are Simple Selling processes for: direct contact, networking, raising visibility and raising credibility. Once mastered you will be largely free from the destructive power of economic and other market forces.