View Terry's intro to this topic.


Now view this series of narrated slides as Terry takes you through his simple five-step sales process.

Before we carry on, here's another short quiz to help you unlock some of the barriers to simple selling.

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Now you know all about the five steps to sales success, I want you to consider for a moment that what prevents you from being powerful in sales is not making the steps, they’re simple, it is the load you are dragging behind you. 

Before we can unload the 'truck' we need to get an idea of exactly what it is we are carrying and that is the purpose of the next section, but before we leave the sales process I want you to do this quick quiz.

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Here's Terry again with a short presentation about the BIG THREE.

Finally, please take the quiz that Terry just told you about in that last presentation. This is a key one so don't be tempted to skip it!


Take home points:

  • Selling is a simple five-step process, it can be less but it cannot be more, although on occasion you may have to repeat one or two.

  • The Big Three are all that make selling appear difficult; it is our relationship to money and rejection, coupled with concerns about how we are perceived that rob us of sales freedom.

  • Downloadable pdf of this module.

Feeling ready to move on? Good. Next we reveal that, truly, anyone can sell.