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My definition of what constitutes sales focus is very narrow.

You are selling when you are talking with a potential client in order to create new business, or talking with an existing client in order to secure additional business.

This means there are only two segments of the wheel which indicate sales focus and they are easy to spot. Watch and listen to this presentation to understand more about the importance of these two segments.

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Once you have completed your time wheel you will have a better understanding of where your time goes. Most people are surprised when they see how out of balance the wheel is. Our task is to spend as much time as possible in the two ‘selling segments’ but in order to do this we need to create the space to do so.

Roles are the things we choose to do; responsibilities are the things that we don’t necessarily do but that we choose to be responsible for. You may feel that you don’t have this much choice in what you do and what you are responsible for but believe me you do (you will find a fuller explanation of the power of responsibility in our 4 Keys course).

Let’s look at an example of how this might work. A carpenter running his own business chooses the roles of leadership, fulfilment, lead generation and lead conversion. His responsibilities would therefore be administration, finance and marketing. He takes on responsibility for these but he does not do them, he employs an administrator, a book-keeper and a professional marketer. 

You say: “But I can’t afford all that.”

I say: “You can because you’re paying for it already!”

How much is your hourly rate? It should be considerably more than the hourly rate of most of the above and a book keeper will reduce your annual accountancy fee. You can outsource marketing to talented individuals all round the world who are queuing up to bid for your work. By taking on the responsibility but delegating the role you free up time to do the important high value stuff that is being sacrificed at the moment, and you still retain control.

The goal of our carpenter is to ultimately delegate most or all of the fulfilment by employing other carpenters, leaving just the leadership and client acquisition roles to him, moving increasingly out of the job and into the business.

We are often very attached to what we do and we don’t really like letting anyone else near it, we feel we are the only one who will do it properly and resist giving it away. But the only way to create time is to delegate and this is made easier when we distinguish between a ‘role’ and a ‘responsibility’.

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, created the distinction between working ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business, once you establish your roles (the in your business stuff) and your responsibilities (the on your business stuff) you are well on your way to freedom and success.

Download the table below and log your current roles and responsibilities in the relevant column. 

We have reached the end of the first module!

Take home points

  • Your business exists to sell your service not to supply your service.

  • Success comes from having a sales focus.

  • Your time is precious and you must create the time to develop your sales strategy.

  • You are selling when you are talking with a potential client in order to create new business, or talking with an existing client in order to secure additional business.

  • Roles are the things we have chosen to do, responsibilities are the things we have chosen to be responsible for ensuring get done (it is always you who chooses).

  • Selling is a life skill, not a business skill.

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