First Principles is divided into five modules: 

Module 1. Principle #1 Selling is Important To Your Success

Blindingly obvious you might think but here we start to elevate selling to the position it deserves in your day to day life.

Module 2. Principle #2 Selling is Simple

You may not think so but here we break selling down to five fundamentally simple steps and begin to examine why we are not taking them.

Module 3. Principle #3 Anyone Can Sell Effectively

We examine the myths surrounding the sales process and introduce you to the Reluctant Salesman sales model, the model that will ultimately transform your experience of selling.

Module 4. Principle #4 Sales Success is Not Dependent on Any External Forces

Too often we look around at economic circumstances, industry problems and a myriad of other excuses for our poor sales return, this principle shows us we have limitless opportunities and we need only reach out to grasp them.

Module 5. Principle #5 What Clients Really Want

You might think we are promising the impossible here, but I can guarantee you, it is far from impossible to know what clients want and to give it to them. We show you how.

Each module is backed up with support material and interactive elements to enable you to really get to grips with the subject matter. It is important that you fully understand each principle before moving to the next but as a Simple Selling subscriber if there is anything that you are not clear about you can easily find help from Terry or another member of the support team by simply going to our ‘Ask The Expert’ facility.

As you move around Simple Selling you will find resources, advice, strategies and above all the simple processes that will help you to achieve outstanding results.

We will not ask you to do anything that has you step outside of your comfort zone, but you might be surprised just by how much and how easily we are able to expand that comfort zone. Applying two simple process criteria: it has to work and you must feel comfortable doing it, we have created a transformational sales model that has worked for thousands of individuals and will work for you. 

We are grateful and excited that you have begun your journey to sales mastery with us and we promise we will be with you every step of the way, giving you everything you need to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams for as long as you need us. 

Let’s begin that journey with First Principles.