Is this course accessible to people with communication difficulties?

We believe most of the programme is accessible to people with communication difficulties. However we acknowledge that some of the interactive features will not suit all participants.

We have aimed to cater for many different learning styles and needs through the provision of simple pdfs, visual aids, online quizzes and podcasts but we recognise that this will not meet the needs of everyone.

If you have a specific communication need or would like to request an alternative format, please contact us at

Please also read more about our approach to accessibility here: Accessibility Statement.

Zoe Howard

Marketing and communications consultant supporting businesses and organisations in south west England with intelligent branding and effective communications.

Why do I have to do assessments?

We changed the way we deliver Simple Selling a few weeks after we launched for two reasons:

  1. We had feedback from an e-learning expert that 'locking down' content ensures progression through the programme in the way intended and this in turn ensures learning.
  2. Corporate subscribers have told us this is critical so that they can track the progress of their teams.

However, the assessments are not terribly difficult. They are a combination of memory tests and scenario-based questions in quiz form.

They provide you and us with assurance that you are understanding and embedding what you are learning. And, importantly, you cannot collect CPD points without doing the tests.

If you don't complete the tests, you can't pass to the next course.

Zoe Howard

Marketing and communications consultant supporting businesses and organisations in south west England with intelligent branding and effective communications.

How can I track my progress?

At the moment we can only track progress through the completion of the assessments, we cannot tell you which module you are on for example.

As the programme matures we plan to move onto a full e-learning platform which will have this feature. However this is probably not going to be within the next 12 months.

As long as you complete your name on the assessments as you do them we can tell you at any time whether you have completed one and what score you got.

Zoe Howard

Marketing and communications consultant supporting businesses and organisations in south west England with intelligent branding and effective communications.

How long will it take to complete this course?

I work full time and have a family to look after. Is there a deadline for completion? May I take as long as I need?

As the course is completely new and everyone learns at different speeds it is not easy to say how long it will take. However we estimate that it would be reasonable to expect that people who work full time will be able to complete up to two modules per week, more if you particularly want to speed things up. We believe most people will be able to complete all modules within three months.

The important thing to be aware of is that there is no deadline.

You can complete the course at your own pace and in your own way and by all means take as long as you need.

You might find that you begin a course and feel inspired to finish that section but then need to take a break to focus on other things, that's fine.

The other thing to be aware of is that to get the CPD certificate you must complete all modules and all assessments. But it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do them.

In fact we'd encourage you not to rush it because each month we will add new content and will be hosting webinars. Making full use of these resources will help to strengthen what you learn through the core course content.

How do I get CPD points?

The Simple Selling programme has been accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office and all members who complete the programme, passing all assessments, will be issued with a certificate.

In order to get a certificate you must:

  1. Be a subscriber to the site on a full membership package (£22/month).
  2. Complete all modules.
  3. Complete all assessments. You will usually be asked to take an assessment at the end of a course; the first assessment is at the end of Freedom (after completing module 9).


I am new to sales and I think I need mentoring more than coaching. Do you provide a mentoring service?

Does it come as a package like the coaching? Can it be successful through Skype given that you can't know my work environment?

We provide mentoring as well as coaching for the same package price.

As part of our discussions, we will talk to you about your work environment and seek to understand the context in which you are working.

If you're not certain coaching/mentoring is for you, we encourage you to begin with a free 20 minute consultation before you commit.

Contact us privately to arrange this.

My business is about selling a service. How will this course benefit me?

Simple Selling works equally well whether you are selling a service or a physical product.

We are all about a new approach to sales: creating the freedom to sell through understanding yourself, simple changes to your mindset and comfortable processes.

This means that not only can it be applied to almost anything you can imagine that's saleable, there are lots of elements to the course that can be useful to those who don't even need to sell.

The key benefits are:

  • developing an understanding of what gets in the way of you making sales successfully
  • learning how to overcome those barriers
  • understanding more about what customers and clients really want and need
  • learning how to meet those needs and develop long lasting relationships
  • learning simple processes that are easy and comfortable to implement and that will become a core part of your day-to-day business life
  • joining others who adopt the same approach and learning from their experiences
  • one-to-one expert help with your real life issues

I hope I've convinced you to give it a try.

Sign up for the free trial.

Is this course good for anything other than selling?

Although Simple Selling is primarily aimed at people who need to sell - either as their main job or because they own a small business - there are elements that are helpful to a wide range of people.

In 'Freedom' we explore some of the blockages that stop us achieving things in life and work. Many of the issues we cover are relevant even for people who aren't working!

For example, when we look at integrity, we are talking about how 'complete' a person is. If there's a phone call you should have made or a job you should have done (whether that's writing a report or painting the spare room) these 'incomplete' things get in the way; they bother us.

So we'd encourage you to give it a go by signing up for the free trial. if you find things that help you then great!


In what order should I complete the course?

It's best to start with First Principles as these are the building blocks of the Reluctant Salesman approach.

The Four Keys moves you on a bit further towards putting the learning into practice. Both of these courses are within 'Freedom'.

Then the two courses in Process - Find and Win Clients; Keep Clients - will propel you into very practical applications of the approach.

There's a more detailed description of each part of the programme here.

Who is this programme aimed at?

Simple Selling works equally well for small business owners and people who work within sales or business development teams in larger companies.

As long as some part of your role involves talking to existing and potential customers, Simple Selling will help you.


Is this course accredited in any way?

The Simple Selling programme is accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

This means you can be assured that your learning has been assessed to global benchmark standards and you can include it in your CV on this basis.

CPD points are added as you go along: each course within the programme is assessed and a score given according to how well you have assimilated the learning. If you don't pass you can retake the assessment as many times as you need. Once you pass the course you are awarded a certificate with the requisite number of points for that course. There are five courses in the programme, a total of 18 modules.

If you are an employer considering adding Simple Selling to your employee training package you can do so in the knowledge that you are:

  • providing a staff recruitment and retention benefit;
  • establishing a certified benchmark for your sales team; and
  • boosting their performance from day one.

Contact us about corporate memberships. 

My boss has recommended this course to me but is it right for me?

We've all been there and our bosses don't always get it right.

But think of the Simple Selling programme as a way to boost what you're doing. Your boss must have a reason to recommend it - maybe they're even paying for it?

It doesn't necessarily reflect on your performance so far, but it shows your employer is keen to invest in you and give you tools to continuously improve.

We'd encourage you to give it a try free for 14 days (unless you're on a corporate subscription) and within that time you will know if it's working or not.

Do you give refunds?

No, sorry. We can't refund any payments already made to us.

But, as you're paying month by month your financial commitment is never more than your last payment.

We're confident you'll never want to cancel your membership but if you are feeling unsure about whether Simple Selling is working for you, the best thing to do is to ask the experts.

Read more about our pricing policy.


How will I know if it's working?

Periodically throughout the programme we'll ask you to complete a questionnaire which is designed to work out whether you have really taken on board the Simple Selling approach.

If there are weaker areas, we'll recommend you have another look at a particular section.

Plus, you can ask the experts at any time for one-to-one support and guidance or give us feedback if you are have difficulties using or applying your learning.

Fundamentally though, you'll know it's working when you begin to feel more comfortable and confident in your day-to-day selling role whether that's running your own business or as part of a sales or customer service team in a larger business.

Read about the first principles of Simple Selling to understand more about this.

What are your fees?

We are committed to transparency in our fees and you can see our prices here.

We offer a 7-day trail with no obligation and no need to submit a credit card. Access to the site is limited but sufficient to give a great introduction to the Simple Selling principles.

Get your free trial.

I don't run a business, is this course for me?

Yes! Simple Selling works for anyone who is in a role where customer interaction plays a part in your success. The kinds of roles our course helps you excel in are:

  • Business development manager
  • Sales manager/executive
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Sales administrator
  • Customer service manager
  • Account manager

This is by no means an exhaustive list but you get the idea. The best way to find out is to sign up for our 14 day free trial and give it a go. I promise, you'll not be disappointed.

What if I have never sold before?

Relax, you're in safe hands with us.

We exist to help people like you who are embarking on a sales role for the first time or who might have been 'selling' for a while without realising it!

Yes, my whole approach is predicated on the idea that many people in business are selling all the time but they don't look at it as selling. If I asked you "are you a salesperson?" you would probably say "no" and look quite horrified.

I have a whole section of the course dedicated to overcoming the misconceptions about selling and salespeople. I show you a completely new approach. One that you can deliver and feel comfortable about doing.

Give the 14 day trial a go, I promise it will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your role.